Imagine a world where every family was supported, nurtured by their community, and where breastfeeding is a normal part of life.

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It was about a year ago that I first put out emails and posts asking for help to fund the Big Latch On, we tried everything last year, we knitted so many boob beanies, packed so many t-shirts, found sponsors and we still didn’t manage to get the Big Latch On to support itself let alone grow.  

We had so many people attend in 2013 and the Big Latch On record was smashed in glorious style but with growth comes the need for structure and organisation that can no longer be escaped.

The last 45 days of crowd funding have been a crazy journey. Supported by great friends as I have discovered how much the Big Latch On really costs in terms of money, time and emotions. I have cried tears of joy at watching donations come in from people who believe in the Big Latch On and me and tears of sadness at the thought of having to give the Big Latch On up. I have made mistakes and been brave enough to be videoed and to be honest in my social media posts. I have sent thousands of emails and messages and put my life on hold one last time for the Big Latch On.

But I am not good at giving up so please be patient, I am going to take a breath and try again just one last time to save the Big Latch On.

Thank you for all your support and for the kind words along the way, its great to know what we have started and what we do is appreciated. We will be in touch soon.

Take care and sleep well






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The Big Latch On, is coordinated by Small Beginnings Group LLC and Women's Health Action (herein Big Latch On).

You can contribute to Big Latch On, please see www.biglatchon.org/howyoucanhelp.  All funds will be used specifically to continue and grow the Global Big Latch On.

Please note as WABA Endorser - We do not and will not accept funds or gifts from manufacturers or distributors of breastmilk substitutes, related equipment such as feeding bottles and teats, commercial foods for breastfeeding mothers, or commercial complementary foods.


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